Personet is an innovative networking company; we provide you an end to end networking solution to every project size. We sell networking products and serve you service of installing fiber optic, Lan, CCTV, Electrical, Telephone and IT service. Our goal is to be the leader of networking service provider in Thailand. We hope that we could enhance networking system in this country to further support Thai economic.
With a proven skill combined with more than 10 years experiences in this area, we are confident to serve you the product and service related to networking. Just give us your requirement and the remaining is our responsibility; suitable hardware selection, hardware installation and IT consulting.
As network system is a combination of various hardware, service and infrastructure, customers have to deal with many companies to set it together. Furthermore, there is so many hardware model and detail to consider. Let’s find the solution from us; we have prepared it for you in every size of project; house, office, industry plant, or any project size.